Hooray – a major step in healing, you’ve clicked on this page!

I’ve lived most of my life not knowing who I am and what I am doing on this earth. I have searched for things to make me happy, jobs, hobbies, friends, material things but the void was still there. 

After a holiday in Cornwall during 2020 – pandemic year, I met a pranic healer in some beautiful gardens and he showed me a new way of looking at why I am who I have become, why I think the way I did and excitingly gave me spiritual connection. My eyes opened up to meditation and Arhatic Yoga practice. I know we are all connected to each other and by loving everyone we meet we also love our self. I am excited to share some of my experiences and hope you may benefit from things that I have learned and maybe you’d like to join me and thousands of others in this new way of living.