Occupational Lenses

Do you need an occupational lens?

Do you find yourself moving your head or wiggling your glasses to see things on the desk? So much of what we do these days is dependent on a distance greater than our normal reading distance, such as cooking, painting, DIY and using a desktop PC.  Too often we try to manage or make do with a pair of reading glasses.


Compared to 10 years ago, today’s world is so much more visually demanding: from mobile phones to tablets, laptops and PCs, the range of distance we need to see detail is increasing.  I often hear ‘But I don’t want varifocals,’ or ‘I’ve tried varifocals unsuccessfully.’  Varifocals aren’t always the best option when you require a wide and extended distance for close vision but don’t require glasses for distance vision.

This is where an occupational lens is the answer. It is essentially a reading lens that gives you a further range of vision for close work. They are often also called enhanced readers.

If you do lots of hours in front of a computer these lenses can stop you sitting awkwardly and reduce the neck ache that often results from trying to use varifocals or just reading glasses. The bottom part of the lens gives you great vision for reading small print and the top of the lens gives you an increased range that allows you to see a PC or another person across the desk or table. It’s not as complex as a varifocal which makes it great value and there is no line like a bifocal. They are great for lots of hobbies where you need to see a few feet away but also detail up close.

So if you find yourself fidgeting or getting frustrated with your glasses and feel like your eyes aren’t working as well with your current glasses tell your optician. These lenses could well be the solution.