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Thought for the day – Monday 17th July 2021

I know many of you must be disappointed with England’s football result last night. The whole team fought so hard to win and they played exceptionally well, but then again, so did Italy but the score line was the way it was, because that’s just the way it was. Learning to trust the universe, without trying to question the outcomes, will make our lives much easier to live, because ultimately we have no control over the end results.

It is so easy to feel bitterness, to feel resentment, to feel anger and disappointment, but these are emotions that do not serve us well. Showing compassion and happiness to all the young players that fought with all their hearts (be they English or Italian) despite the score line is a positive emotion. Showing love and kindness is the only way that will serve us well rather than the opposite emotions.

Applying these thoughts and actions to our everyday lives can shift our perception of the world and indeed have positive consequences and our interaction with friends, family, business acquaintances and even the ordinary person we may meet in the street or supermarket. 

It can raise the question in your mind, why are we on this planet? Surely we aren’t here to create hatred, anger and explosive behaviour? Maybe it’s a test for us mortals to manage our emotions and learn to keep them in check. To be conscious of some of our thoughts, because 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts per day, would be some feat to keep them all in check, but to wonder why we think some thoughts will make us take a good look at ourselves because some thoughts we have are just not nice!

Showing love and kindness to everyone we meet and getting int the pattern to be compassionate and understanding to everyone,  has got to be a goal to go for, no matter what penalty we miss, it just doesn’t matter. Fill your hearts with love and kindness and you will get the rewards you deserve.