Thoughts for the day – Thursday 16th April 2020

Read on Twitter today a couple of interesting stories. The first one was a father furious with his son’s actions for being rude and I think abusive to Asda staff. The son is publicly berated and forced to apologise to Asda staff outside the store for his actions. There are many comments about the father’s parenting skills, use of language and many congratulations for making his son apologise. Good to apologise, I do however question the effects of this public humiliation even though his son’s actions were clearly wrong. 

Psychologists out there, what are your opinions? Drop me a line

The second story prompted me to question my level of fitness, whilst under lockdown. Although I’m trying to go out for a daily walk, a stroll round the block hardly cuts it. Difficult to make the time when under work pressures.

So onto the the next story thats gaining a lot of comments and media attention; a 90+ year old veteran who has walked hundred laps of his garden using a Zimmer frame and raised thousands of pounds for the NHS is absolutely startling and very heroic in itself. Well done to him! Quite amazing.

So, I thought I’d get out my Wii Fit for the first time in a number of weeks to do some exercise. I was horrified to see my weight gain was on the rise, after setting a goal of losing -2Ib about 4 weeks ago, I had gained 4Ibs. Not good. Probably consuming more wine than usual. Another bad thing whilst all at home and eating too many snacks whilst at my work desk.

However, completed my 23 minute workout. Groaned when I had to do two sets of press ups because I absolutely hate doing them and can’t do them and have tried countless times to delete one set but never worked it out, so help me if you can!

Anyway did that and now off to work. Was very pleased to read an email back from Right Honourable Dame Cheryl Gillan with an editorial for my special community magazine that I am working on. She does care about us in The Chalfonts. Good to read and thank you!

See you all outside at 8pm tonight to cheer for our heroic NHS staff, have a great day.

Keep safe and get some exercise!


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