TV licence fee and Pension Credit

TV License-fee-and-pension-creditWill your household lose its free TV Licence?

 From 1st June 2020 the eligibility rules change for free TV Licences.

Only those households with someone over 75 who receives Pension Credit will be entitled to a free TV Licence.  Everyone else will have to pay £157.50 for a TV Licence.

Citizens Advice believe that many are missing out on Pension Credit because they don’t know about the benefit, how to claim it, or think it might not be worth the effort, as the payment may be small.  They are urging residents to check their entitlement now because any entitlement to Pension Credit (however small) by someone over 75 will entitle the household to a free TV Licence.

Your local Citizens Advice is happy to check if you are eligible and help you apply, enabling you to keep your free TV licence. Pension Credit can be paid to people over state pension age (although the free TV licence is from age 75).

Contact Citizens Advice Chiltern on 01494 545991 or check the details online here: